What we do

MailPartner monetizes your high risk* email lists using amazingly converting mainstream offers with the highest payouts. As we promote only mainstream offers, there is no competing risk and you will not lose money with your own products; but add profits.

We offer a profit share plan where you will be able to cash in like never before. After providing your email list to our experts, there is nothing else for you to do. MailPartner will take care of the entire campaign management on a recurring basis.

We have strategic partnerships with many mainstream brands that will allow you to monetize your mailing lists like no one else in the industry. We are offering only top products and brands.

MailPartner is offering you a complete email marketing and monetization service. Based on our extensive experience, with a special focus on the European market, we have developed solutions for sending, delivering, and converting your email lists into stunning results.

  • How it works

    MailPartner provides you the most performing set up in terms of delivery, open and click ratios.

    Our highly trained and experienced account and campaign managers work constantly on your campaigns to achieve the highest monetization:

  • Cleaning of the email list (validity of the emails, duplicates, blacklist…)
  • Segmenting (by provider, mobile/desktop…) for long-term highest delivery ratios
  • Creating high converting email templates including constantly A/B testing
  • Managing the whole campaigns (always new offers based on the profiles of your emails)
  • Full service campaign management
  • Sending and delivering emails
  • Profiling (preferences, actions in former campaigns, gender, age, location…)
  • Maintaining and keeping your list clean at all time (e.g. bounces, unsubscribes…)
  • Totally data driven approach
  • Personal support

Your database

You provide your high risk traffic – we clean the list and make it ready for the campaign sendouts and the market

Our campaigns

We send our mainstream campaigns to your traffic – consistently improving the list by segmentation

Your profit

A very attractive profit share lets you cash every month without doing anything – a perfect deal

We will keep on sending out, delivering, and managing your campaigns on a frequent basis to highly monetizing mainstream campaigns, generating “recurring profits” for you. After handing over your email list, the workload will be ours.

MailPartner Registration

All Features

We offer you all functions necessary for complex email marketing campaigns.

  • Access via any usual web browser
  • User interface in English and German
  • Configurable system of roles and permissions
  • Multi-client capability
  • Customizable interface according to the corporate identity
  • HTTPS-login for secure password transmission

Recipient Administration

  • Unlimited numbers of mailing lists and recipients
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe via SMS, website and email
  • Adaptable mailing lists and recipients profiles
  • Data import from files (CSV, XML)
  • Data import via real time connection with CRM systems and online shops
  • Export of all data or selected data as CSV or XML files
  • System-wide search for recipients
  • Selection of specific recipients within a mailing list (based on profile data)
  • Automated clearing of duplicate recipients (duplicate check)
  • Registration via HTTP-form (subscribe request)
  • Recording and storing of all subscriptions and unsubscriptions
  • Support of usual subscription methods (single opt-in, confirmed opt-in, double opt-in)
  • Customizable system-emails for confirmations of subscription and unsubscription
  • Enhancing the profiles by email marketing results and activities
  • Locating recipients via IP addresses (GEO-targeting)
  • Customizable target sites for registration processes, profile modifications, or specific email campaigns
  • Support of freely definable recipient-IDs to adapt them to individual customer administration

Personalized and individual email design

  • Personalization of the subject line for the sender or receiver
  • Automated generation and mailing of a text version from HTML emails
  • Defining target groups or creating complex personalisation rules by using profile or activity data (clicks, purchases, etc.)
  • Merge fields to insert individual recipient information
  • Individualized text modules for specific recipients or target groups
  • Personalized pictures with recipients' names or other data
  • Personalized attachments (like PDF invoices)
  • Personalized barcodes, an example is for vouchers
  • Inserting local offers (GEO-targeting)
  • Personalized links as an individual offer or for tracking
  • Storing personalization rules for further use
  • Functions to filter and integrate content according to dates, timeframes, time of day or year, as well as according to random values

Marketing Automation

  • Administration of complex rules to flexibly execute automated, even multistage campaigns, such as follow up campaigns, action chains, etc.
  • Event emails (for example birthday emails)
  • Trigger emails
  • Individual system emails
  • Automated replies to emails
  • Automated notification of call centers (worklists)
  • Personalized order confirmation by email
  • Automated transaction emails


  • Sending both SMS and email via one interface
  • Adaptable sending speed with up to 1 million emails per hour
  • Sending out single emails
  • Scheduling emails by time or events
  • Sending out emails according to recipients profile data
  • A/B-testing with automated mailing
  • Configurable approval process - also for A/B-testing
  • Mailing to control addresses (seed-lists)
  • Stopping or pausing the mailing
  • System emails will automatically be provided in the recipient's language
  • Configurable reply behavior, using emails created in advance
  • Automated forwarding of requests
  • Connection to external "do not mail" lists
  • Internal blacklists and "do not mail" lists (system-wide or per mailing list)
  • Transaction emails (like invoices, order confirmations, etc.)

Reporting & Statistics

  • Real-time reporting of the most relevant key facts (bounces, opens, and clicks)
  • Complete tracking of success data
  • Conversion tracking based on cookies and sessions
  • Export to Excel
  • Custom Reporting
  • Graphic evaluation
  • Automated notification of tracking results
  • Configurable link parameters to evaluate clicks in web analyzation tools
  • Evaluation of IP addresses to locate the subscribers
  • Target group reporting according to selectable attributes (such as age and gender)
  • Comparative analysis
  • Extended reporting options for automated, periodical reports by target groups
  • Preview of message delivery with different ISPs
  • Email history related to recipients
  • Opening rate and click rate per domain
  • Data reconciliation by web analyzing systems like Omniture or Google Analytics

Deliverability Management

  • Close contact with ISPs, Return Path and other spam filter providers and whitelisting providers for maximized performance of email campaigns
  • Templates for emails that are formated correctly and accepted by providers
  • Deliverability & Reputation Audit
  • Mailbox monitoring: Checking the delivery rate with the email providers
  • Automated classification of bounces into five categories
  • Automated further processing of bounces according to individually configured rules
  • Shared IP-addresses will be checked regularly and exchanged dynamically
  • Dedicated IP addresses to create a company-specific positive reputation
  • Scalable mailing speed
  • Implementation of the latest technologies, such as list-unsubscribe-header to reduce spam complaints, DKIM-signature
  • Implementation of the latest feedback-loops (feedback from ISPs about customer complaints), such as SignalSpam, Yahoo, Microsoft Live Hotmail, and GMX

Handling of Data

  • Storing recipients' data in attributes with customizable labels
  • Development of a file structure via the interface, via the API, or via XML-import
  • Import, update, and delete data via XML, CSV or text files
  • Functions for time-phased adaption of data (import, update, delete)
  • Loading data manually or automatically (SOAP-Request)
  • Data check during the import
  • Flexible transformation of imported data
  • Individually configurable trigger for imports (such as email)


  • Asynchron and synchron SOAP-interfaces
  • HTTP-rest-interface to transmit simple orders
  • Direct data synchronization via JDBC
  • Data import via XML, CSV, etc. by XSLT-converter
  • Programming library and manuals for the integration of external systems
  • Real-time notification related to mailing list data (also to master databases)
  • Social media functions from Facebook, Twitter, etc. as a part of the emails
  • Direct subscription to the newsletter mailing list via facebook

Security and Availability

  • Elaborate system of permissions and roles to manage access rights within the system individually
  • Automated logout according to configurable time intervals
  • HTTPS login for secure login data transmission
  • IP-restrictions for login to BRM system
  • Password security: Login restricted to secure passwords
  • Protection from unauthorized access to the database by multi-layered application layout
  • 24/7 monitoring of systems
  • High failure safety as all hardware components are redundant
  • Redundant system architecture in different locations
  • Monitored access to server room

Key Features

Email Authentication

We support all current authentication mechanisms and we will equip your emails automatically with DKIM and DomainKeys. Additionally, we ensure that all used domains will be resolved cleanly by Reverse-Lookup. We also add so-called SPF-entries to all domains within the DNS.


The dashboard provides an overview of all your campaigns, clearly structured according to mailing quantity, average click-rate, and opening rate, etc. A full reporting of all campaign parameters is available in real-time and can be exported as an excel file. Also, a Heat Map for separate newsletters can be included. Of course, you can export the reporting data to your preferred format.


You can select your email campaign's recipients according to different parameters, or you can choose predefined selection criteria. Each created criteria list can be reused easily.


You can create predefined campaigns, such as welcome mails for new registrations or birthday mails. Those will be sent automatically.

Marketing Automation

You can predefine an action chain that will be sent automatically according to defined rules. Optional feature.

Google Analytics

A campaign's success can also be tracked via Google Analytics, if you would like to evaluate the ROI or the conversion rate of a campaign. Optional feature.

A/B Split Tests

A/B test (split test) is one of the major testing methods in email marketing. Instead of assumptions about what will work out well and what will not, two or more variations are tested against each other. The successful variation can be used automatically.

A/B Split Test with Significance Check

Many A/B tests do not provide the expected results. Either the test numbers or the difference between results are too small, so the result is not significant. Our A/B test calculator enables you to check before the mailing whether the test number or the expected result will be statistically relevant. A test variation will be successful if the statistic significance range (confidence interval) exceeds 90 %.

Dynamic Content

You can create and send emails dynamically, according to user profiles or other criteria.

Worldwide mailing 24/7

Even for worldwide mailings you can define the precise mailing time per country. Our maximum mailing speed is 1 million emails per hour (can be reduced, if requested) and we ensure above-average delivery rates.



Campaign reports are created in real time, which means that you will be able to view a campaign's results and download them as an excel-file right after sending the emails.

Graphic Evaluation

We will provide significant charts for all relevant key facts, such as mailing quantity, opening-rate, and click-rate, etc.

Opening Rate

We not only count the number of openers, but we also track the time, so you will know who has opened your email at what time.

Click Rate

The click-rate will be measured analogous to the opening-rate.

Heat Map

In a Heat Map we show you the distribution of clicks for a newsletter on a percentage basis.


We differentiate between hard bounces and soft bounces. These will be displayed separately in your reporting.


The number of unsubscribes will also be determined.

Google Analytics

A campaign's success can also be tracked via Google Analytics, if you would like to evaluate the ROI or the conversion rate of a campaign. Optional feature.

Reports on Customers Level

We can also provide you with reports on the customer level, for example about "non-openers or openers" in order to draw conclusions to optional follow up campaigns.

A/B Split Tests

Will be reported analogous to "normal' campaigns. They can be compared side-by-side.

Marketing Automation

For rule-based campaigns, there is a separate reporting. Optional feature.

Download as Excel-File

All reports can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format. If you wish, you can also export the results to your DWH.


Responsive Design

Advanced Coding

Create your usual HTML emails and pass them into our software. We will check your CSS automatically to ensure that it will be compatible with all relevant email clients. We use UTF8 characters.


All of the database's parameters can be used to personalize emails.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content can be integrated on-the-fly according to profile data or other parameters into the email.

Unsubscribe Links

An unsubscribe link will be added automatically to each email, so the subscriber will be able to unsubscribe him/herself from the database.

Marketing Automation

You can predefine an action chain that will sent automatically according to defined rules. Optional feature.


If you wish, we can integrate a trackable forward-to-friend functionality into your emails. Optional feature.

Unlimited Campaign Archive

Unlimited memory space will be available for your campaigns. If you wish, we will provide you a code to integrate an archive into your website. Your archive will automatically be updated whenever you send out a new campaign.

Unlimited Hosting of Pictures and Files

You can host pictures and/or files on our server with no additional cost.

Inbox Screenshots

We generate screenshots of your email campaigns in the inboxes of all relevant email clients, mobile devices and web-based ISPs. This helps you and us to ensure that your emails will be displayed optimally. Optional feature.



We check our systems regularly, so we will always be able to ensure a maximum deliverability rate for our customers.

Inbox Screenshots

By one click we generate screenshots of your email campaigns in the inboxes of all relevant email clients, mobile devices, and web-based ISPs. This helps you and us to ensure that your emails will be displayed optimally. Optional feature.

Spam Assassin Test

We use external tools (spam scores, etc.) in order to prevent your emails from being classified as spam. Of course, we also ensure this by our direct contacts with ISPs.

Bounce Management

We take care of rejects and we also clear your lists accordingly. These routines will be coordinated with you. All bounce emails will be checked and categorized on a regular basis. This does not only allow us to differentiate between hard bounce and soft bounce, but also to search the messages for signs of spam blocking. Affected IP addresses will be deactivated and replaced automatically.

Email Authentication

We support all current authentication mechanisms and we will equip your emails automatically with DKIM and DomainKeys. Additionally, we ensure that all used domains will be resolved cleanly by Reverse-Lookup. We also add so-called SPF-entries to all domains within the DNS.

IP Address Ranges

In order to ensure high deliverability we are using hundreds of IP addresses. These IP addresses are used by all our customers (shared). If you wish, you can have your own IP address space (dedicated). Our IP addresses are checked on a regular basis and exchanged dynamically if problems with single addresses occur.


Only few ISPs are using whitelists these days, as various factors influence a mailer's reputation. Therefore, the use of feedback loops is increasing. They are more dynamic and they react to changes more quickly. Being on a whitelist does not guarantee that your newsletter will not be blocked, particularly if complaints about a mailer exceed certain boundary values, which can differ between ISPs. Of course, we are recorded on the relevant wihitelists.

ISP Feedback Loops

Still, it is more important to be registered as a mailer with all relevant ISPs. We will receive "Alerts" as soon as a mail sent via us is classified as "Junk" or "Spam". Whenever that happens, we will block the respective email address in your address pool to prevent you and us from being blocked in the future again. We have established feedback loops with AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo among others.



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Personal data

Personal data means information by which a person may be identified, i.e., data that can be matched to an individual. This includes names, email addresses or telephone numbers, but also data concerning preferences, hobbies, memberships or previously visited websites.

Only data that are anonymous, i.e. are stored without reference to a specific individual (for instance the number of visits to a particular website), do not qualify as personal data. If there is a legitimate cause for concern, please contact the party responsible for the site immediately in writing. Where any infringement of rights is detected, the content in question will be removed from the site without delay.

Collection of access data

The host of this offer collects data on each single access to the offer. Such data are stored anonymously, without reference to specific individuals. Access data includes:

  • the name of the visited website,
  • the file, date and time of the visit,
  • the data load that was transferred,
  • a download report,
  • the browser used, including its version,
  • the user’s operating system,
  • the referrer URL (the previously visited site) and the referring provider (such as T-Online),
  • and the data requested from the host’s server.

The host will use the log file data without identification of the user, exclusively for purposes of statistical analyses for operating and optimizing the offer. However, the host reserves the right to subsequently check the log file data if there is concrete, legitimate evidence to suspect unlawful use.

Collection and use of personal data

Personal data will be collected and used by the host only as permitted by law or authorized by the user. A user using the service normally will be aware of the data that are stored, for example the name, email address and message when using a contact or comment form.


When users initiate contact with the Operator (e.g. via e-mail or via a contact form), the user’s data will be stored for the purpose of handling the inquiry and in the event that questions arise later. The data will never be forwarded to any third party. Neither will the data be matched with other data that might have been acquired via other components of our website.

Warnings, data integrity

The host has taken organizational, contractual and technical safety precautions to ensure compliance with the applicable data protection laws. However, users should be aware that the access to publicly available data cannot be fully controlled. Sensitive information, such as intimate details, illnesses, religious views or similar should therefore not be published at all. Users who nevertheless decide to publish such details should be aware that their disclosure on the internet often is irreversible.

Data transfer to third parties

User data will be transferred to third parties only as permitted by law or authorized by the user. Without the user’s consent, the personal data of a user will under no circumstances be sold or transferred to any third party for purposes of advertising or setting up of user profiles.

Data transfer to third parties abroad

Any transfer of data to third parties abroad will be strictly subject to the applicable laws. Data will be transferred to non-Member States of the European Union or to other contracting states to the Agreement on the European Economic Area only if such countries offer an adequate level of protection within the meaning of the German Data Protection Act. Third parties based in the USA will be assumed to offer an adequate level of protection if they have agreed to comply with the Safe Harbour agreement (such as Google).


The host uses cookies in connection with the offer. Cookies are small files that are stored on the user’s computer and save information for the host. Temporary cookies will be deleted after the browser is closed, while permanent cookies are maintained for a predefined period of time and provide the stored information when the user revisits the offer.

Cookies are used to facilitate the use of the service. For example, a cookie saves the user’s login status so the user does not have to log in anew each time.

Further, cookies are used for statistical or marketing purposes to survey the use of the offer. The data are collected anonymously or by using pseudonyms, which means the data are stored without identification of the users. Such cookies are provided by the host or by third parties (such as advertising partners).

Users may at any time object to any such use of their data by notice to the contact details set out at the end of this privacy policy. If the host cannot be reasonably expected, for technical or economic reasons, to suspend any such data processing for individual users, the host may terminate the user relationship with the user.

Users are able to control the use of cookies. Most browsers offer an option to restrict or fully refuse any storing of cookies. The host seeks to arrange the offer so that no cookies are necessary. Users are advised, however, that the use and in particular user friendliness may be impaired if no cookies are accepted.

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This offer may make use of the social plugins (‘plugins’) of the social network facebook.com operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (‘Facebook’). The plugins are labelled with one of the Facebook logos (white ‘f’ on a blue tile or ‘thumbs up’ sign) or the addition ‘Facebook Social Plugin’. For a list and the appearance of the Facebook Social Plugins, please see http://developers.facebook.com/plugins.

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Users who are Facebook members but do not wish Facebook to collect user data through our internet presence to connect them with the users’ Facebook data, have to log off from Facebook before visiting our internet sites. For the purpose and extent of the data collection and the further processing and use of the data by Facebook, as well as your related rights and setup options for protecting your privacy, please see the Facebook privacy policy: http://www.facebook.com/policy.php

Users who are Facebook members but do not wish Facebook to collect user data through our internet presence to connect them with the users’ Facebook data, have to log off from Facebook before visiting our internet sites.

Collection and use of data by third parties

Third parties may offer services in connection with our offer as well. These may be incorporated third party applications, banners or links. Any such offers will be clearly marked as third party offers for users and are not subject to the host’s privacy policy but to the privacy policy of the respective third parties.
Objections, data amendments, correction, updates Users may contact the host at any time and request the amendment, correction or deletion of their data. Further, users may object to the setup of pseudonymous user profiles for advertising and market research. In any such event the host will have the right to exclude the user from using the service. In particular but without limitation, this right applies where individual exceptions are impossible for technical or economic reasons.

Amendments to the privacy policy

The host reserves the right to amend the privacy policy to accommodate changes in legislation or modifications to the service or data processing operations. Users will be notified of any amendment to the privacy policy in an appropriate context.

Contact, questions, queries and suggestions

For information, objections, questions, suggestions and proposals concerning the privacy policy users may contact the host at any time.


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